Work from home. Serve the world. Have total freedom.

Work from home.
Have total FREEDOM.
reach those who need you.


I am dedicated to the showing females who are driven by a mission how to communicate their vision online and serve the world. Create a website that authentically expresses YOU with NO more overwhelm and start changing lives.

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are you…

an introvert who feels exhausted working within a workplace, or you have a condition where you need to work online or from home…

And you feel anxious because you are not living up to your fullest potential?

Then YOU are in the right place!


Hi lovely, Im Sarah-Jane Nyman

Flourish with sj

I believe everybody deserves to feel fulfilled, no matter their conditions or situations.

At my core I am dedicated to helping you understand how to take the vision in your mind and authentically showcase your offering through a screen to the world, on the miracle that is the online web, and make meaningful change to millions of lives.

Sensitive souls just like YOU have a gift others need.

I want to give you the chance to fast track through the years of trial and error, overwhelm and frustration and show you how to create a tailored-to-you website that allows you to shine online.


I have one Mission…

‘My mission is to lay the foundation for you, the dedicated female entrepreneur who is driven by her mission to serve those who need her most…

I don’t want you to let the overwhelm, self limiting beliefs and fear stop you from doing what you was born to do.

You just need a guide’


 How would it feel…

  • To have clarity and know exactly how to make your dream,
    your reality… no more wondering “just where do I begin?”.

  • To understand how to take the vision from your mind and place it on a screen.

  • To be able to create an honest and real website & brand that feels authentic and holds true to you.

  • To reach those you seek to serve with a site that connects with your people & converts them into customers 24/7.

  • To have location and financial freedom, and be able to give back to what you believe in.

  • To have emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing & feel fulfilled and proud that you earned your beautiful dreams.


Let me guess…


You are…

  • A big hearted, female who feels best when she’s helping others.

  • Dedicated to serve and create meaningful change in the world.

  • Someone who does something properly, or not at all, once you set your mind to something, there’s no stop in you.

But, you feel…

  • Fearful to put yourself “out there” due to self limiting beliefs.

  • Overwhelmed, frustrated & don’t know where to begin.

  • Your highly critical/perfectionism tendancies are keeping you stuck.


I can tell you…


This is normal for the very special person that you are, all you need is a guide & the tools.


You can make your dreams, your reality and wake up passionate about the life you live and be fulfilled for what you have created. YOU ARE ENOUGH.


I don’t want you to waste years of your energy on a website, only to realise down the line it’s not working. I don’t want you to give up due to the tightness you feel in your heart & the overwhelm you feel. And that’s why YOU have found me.

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