Work from home. Serve the world. Have total freedom.

I have a question for you…


If there was a guide that took your hand and walked you through how to build a website that would be your best unpaid marketing machine, connecting with, and converting your ideal prospects into customers 24/7…

Would you feel confident enough to finally take the leap to bring your offering online?

Because a life of serving the world whilst having total freedom rests heavily upon that question.


 “Building an online home is like building a real house, but this is only 1 part of the very complex puzzle to being successful online”

- Sarah Jane


Sound familiar to you?…

‘I don’t know how to create a cohesive brand, let alone knowing where to start with creating a website, just thinking about the tech makes me lose my creativity!’

‘which platform is best for my needs?’

‘how on earth do I take the vision from my mind and put it online, I want a site that looks and feels completely custom to me and doesn’t look like a template?’’

‘as an anxious introvert, I feel insecure about being seen, how can I communicate my message through my content and express my feelings?’

‘how can I ensure I’m found and implement SEO the right way?’

‘what copy do I need and how do I build out the pages, develop photos/videos and ensure it still loads quickly?’

‘my site needs to automate a lot of things for me, I don’t want to waste hours of precious time, only to need to change it!’

‘should I hire someone?’


Ugh! and so…
you go back to sticking with the life you wanted to leave behind, weeks turn into months, months into years and without knowing, you have left behind the BEST opportunity of your life.

This literally makes me want to scream from the rooftops for my people because this was me!
But there is a way and you CAN do this.


Before owning a successful online business and being the writer for the worlds largest online community of ambitious women, that is BossBabe, I was the anxious introvert, struggling in a workplace…

Sarah Jane Nyman

Working within a clinic with everyone slotted into one category. It didn’t feel right to me. It wasn’t somewhere I could authentically serve those I wanted to reach and serve. I also needed freedom, flexibility and space in my life. 

…So I decided I would build a website, take my offering online and work for myself.

I knew what I wanted - to reach those who I seek to serve all over the world through online therapy - but I didn’t know where to begin. I was scared to take the leap and put myself out there. 

I didn’t have a clue about branding myself! I didn’t have a clue what to do with tech or websites. I didn’t know how to take the vision I had from my mind and place it onto the screen. I didn’t know how to communicate my authentic self through a screen.  I was utterly overwhelmed!

When I do something, I do it properly or not at all, and when I set my mind to something, I am fully committed until I reach it.

I allowed the fear and self limiting beliefs to be in my brain and I carried on despite it. I knew fear and anxiety are like gateways you need to pass to get you where you want to go!

I started by building myself a website, I spent months trying to work out which platform was best for me to build my website on, I didn’t want to need to change it down the line. I spent months learning how build out and design the pages. I spent several hours trying to understand how to brand myself, I would spend money I never had on private lessons with website designers, asking them the endless questions I had. 

I did my absolute best! I said to myself I couldn’t have done anymore.

I set it live… And I heard nothing!?

I was so driven by my mission, I worked tirelessly so that I could hire world-renowned specialists in every area of the online business process to teach me how to make a website/online business work.

And now, I want to help you, the soul who is where I was just a few years back.

I believe everybody deserves a way to reach their dreams no matter their conditions or situation. You have a story others need to hear, an offering others need…

And that’s why I am here.  I don’t want you to give up on serving others who could benefit from your experience due to the complete and utter overwhelm you are feeling.

I want to show you how to create a site that works for YOU.. connecting and converting visitors into customers 24/7.

I want to give you somewhere you can come and ask me the questions I spent years trying to find answers for.

I want you to reach your dreams in life whilst having freedom and flexibility. I want you to be compassionate with yourself, and for you to lose any self-limiting beliefs. I want you to express yourself, and be fulfilled.


My aim…

Is to give you somewhere you can learn how to market your service-based offering to the world the right way, to eventually become a self-sustained online entrepreneur, serving those who need you most.

I am so driven to create equality in the world for the female who needs to work online, from home.

Every soul has the right to feel fulfilled, be self sustained and create meaningful change in the world in their lifetime.


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